The Indiana University Kelley School of Business Evening MBA program admits students on a highly competitive basis, consistent with other nationally ranked programs. Our goal is to bring together a cohort of motivated and talented students who will bring as much to this IU MBA program as they will take from it.

Application Deadlines

We admit students two times each year, in August and in January.

  • For August Admission: Initial deadline - April 1 (Applications are accepted after the deadline on a space-available basis, up to July 1)
  • For January Admission: Initial deadline - October 1 (Applications are accepted after the deadline on a space-available basis up until November 1)

Your Academic Credentials

Candidates must have a bachelor's degree, which may be in any subject. Typically, the average undergraduate GPA of those admitted is 3.2. Most applicants have not had prior coursework in business.

Your aptitude for graduate work at Indiana University is based on an evaluation of your previous academic experience, work experience, and your performance on the GMAT. Admission decisions are based on the following:

GMAT Performance

Over the past few years, the average GMAT score for cohorts admitted has ranged, in general, from 620-655. The average GMAT score of applicants admitted for the August 2015 cohort is 670.

If you have taken the GMAT in the past five years, you do not need to retake the test. Simply visit and have your results sent directly to our office.

Your Contribution to the Learning Experience

Attention is given to your full-time work experience and progression in job responsibilities. It is recommended that you have a minimum of two years full-time, continuous work experience prior to entering the MBA program.  On average, students admitted to the Evening MBA Program have six years of professional work experience and have demonstrated leadership skills. In requesting recommendations, it is preferred that you select individuals from your work, academic or community service environment who have worked closely enough with you to address the areas of assessment on the recommendation form.

Your Ability and Willingness to Make the Commitment to Graduate Study

Our program is built on the premise that in a program with students who have substantial work and life experience, learning comes not only from the faculty and course materials but also from each other. Travel schedules, cross-functional responsibilities, and personal and community activities often divert attention from graduate studies. Your success and the success of your teammates depend on your ability and willingness to make a commitment to attend class sessions, participate in team sessions, and prepare for class.