Faculty Experts Guide
For News and Media

Kelley faculty expertise available for news and media. Please direct all requests to Michael Jackson, 317-274-2233 or jackmich@iupui.edu.

Accounting Issues


Banks and Financial Institutions

Branding & Brand Equity

Business Ethics

Business Law

Business Strategy / Strategic Management

B2B Marketing


Consumer Credit

Consumer Decision Making

Content Marketing

Corporate Governance

Corporate & Social Entrepreneurship

Corporate Social Responsibility


Customer Segmentation

Disclosure - Regulation, Market Reaction




Emerging Economies

Employment Discrimination


Executive Compensation

Groups & Teams

Health Care 

Human Resource Management


Indiana Economy/Employment


Intercultural Competency in Management

International Markets

International Business & Strategic Management

Marketing Strategy

Market Research

Mergers & Acquisitions

Monetary Policy

New Product Development

Operations Management

Organizational Change & Development

Organizational Learning

Portfolio Management

Professional Development


Recruiting & Personnel Selection

Regulatory Compliance

Risk Management

Small Business Issues

Sports Marketing

Stock Market - General

Strategic Human Resource Management

Supply Chain Management

Tax Policy

Technology in Business

Workplace Fairness & Social Justice

Workplace Diversity / Diversity Management