• Ekaterina "Kate" Pronina

    Ekaterina "Kate" Pronina

    Kelley School of Business accounting graduate is among the nation’s elite.

  • Kristin Pierce and Ryan Eldridge

    Kristin Pierce and Ryan Eldridge

    Kelley seniors collaborate on marketing research project.

  • Georgi Marinov

    Georgi Marinov

    Georgi Marinov says the best thing about the Kelley School is the faculty.

  • Asad Khan

    Asad Khan

    Asad Khan continues his family legacy by diving headfirst into IUPUI

  • Daisy Pham

    Daisy Pham

    Daisy Pham is an intern at Ernst & Young.

  • Corey Stasen

    Corey Stasen

    Corey Stasen has an in-depth understanding of the European Union.

  • Andrew Welling

    Andrew Welling

    Andrew Welling used Kelley Indianapolis Career Services to streamline the job search process.

  • Whitney Kent

    Whitney Kent

    '12 Finance and International Studies

  • Rishi Chandra

    Rishi Chandra

    '14 Accounting, Finance & Economics

  • Bervelyn Parker

    Bervelyn Parker

    '13 Accounting and Finance

  • Marcus May

    Marcus May

    Marcus May puts his business savvy to use in banking and filmmaking.

  • Joshua Fritcha

    Joshua Fritcha

    ’09 B.S., Human Resource Management, International Studies and Management

  • Juan Benitez

    Juan Benitez

    Juan Benitez chose Kelley to compliment his entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Karen Woods

    Karen Woods

    Karen Woods chose Kelley because of the opportunities in downtown Indianapolis.

  • Kayoko Komatsubara

    Kayoko Komatsubara

    ’09 Master of Science in Accounting; ’06 B.S., Finance

  • Valerie Johnson

    Valerie Johnson

    ’10 BS, Human Resources Management, International Studies and Management

  • Jeff Meaux

    Jeff Meaux

    ’02 BS, Human Resources Management and Management

  • Charlenne Gonzalez

    Charlenne Gonzalez

    Charlenne Gonzalez opened doors through multiple internships.

  • Eduardo Nieto

    Eduardo Nieto

    Eduardo Nieto embraced opportunities that allowed him to lead.

  • Kendra Walker

    Kendra Walker

    ’11 B.S., Finance, International Studies and Supply Chain Management

  • Lucas Wolf

    Lucas Wolf

    Lucas Wolf enhanced his career outlook with international internships.