Alexander (Sasha) Fedorikhin Associate Professor of Marketing

Alexander (Sasha) Fedorikhin
"My research projects examine the intersection of the emotional and the cognitive in consumer decision making. Marketers often underestimate emotions as a significant factor in consumer decisions. I believe and work to support the idea that emotions play a very important role in all consumer purchases."

Prior to coming to Kelley Indianapolis in 2005, Sasha Fedorikhin spent several years on the faculty at USC and Washington State University.

In a recently published paper, Fedorikhin analyzes the emotional attachment consumers form with a brand and how it affects their responses toward brand extensions. In another recently published paper, Fedorikhin shows that positive mood facilitates self-control in consumer decision making, but only when it is associated with low levels of physiological arousal. One other recent publication highlights the dangers of including a “free” product into a bundle.