When she goes to Starbucks, Daisy Pham orders a venti white chocolate mocha. But it’s not just the company’s coffee she appreciates. Pham says she’d love to work for Starbucks because she admires the company’s values and culture.

“The way Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz was brought up is fairly similar to my upbringing,” says the Columbus, Ind. native. “His company refers to employees as ‘partners.’ They don’t capitalize the letters in chief executive positions (like ceo) to eliminate any superior connotations. They offer health care and stock options, even to part-time employees. What is there not to love about Starbucks?”

Values have directed a lot of Pham’s active campus life at Kelley Indianapolis. The Senior Vice President of Delta Sigma Pi professional business fraternity and Kelley direct admit mentor has been involved on campus since her freshman year, when she joined student government.

“In high school I didn’t really start getting involved until my second year and I felt like I was missing out on something,” she says “Going to college I knew I wanted to be involved because you expose yourself to different cultures, different situations and diversity. You put yourself in all these different organizations to find out what your leadership skill is, who you really are and what it is you want to do.”

By networking at Kelley, Pham earned an internship with Ernst & Young by the end of her sophomore year. She’s now heading into her third internship with the company and has accepted an offer to start at the company full-time after graduation. Also by networking, Pham founded the Kelley Indianapolis Cares service learning organization her freshman year. The group completed over 400 hours of community service in its inaugural year. She did all this while typically taking 18 credit hours. Pham says her favorite organization is Delta Sigma Pi (DSP).

“It’s the sense of brotherhood,” she explains. “I know about 40 people who I can call right now and they would do absolutely anything for me. And I would do anything for them. Our saying is, ‘You get what you put into it.’ What I’ve put into DSP has come back to me two-fold.”

As she prepares to graduate in 2013 with a degree in accounting, finance and international studies, as well as double minors in economics and psychology, Pham hopes incoming Kelley students also will get what they put into it.

“A lot of schools just push you toward opportunities. If you’re at Kelley Indianapolis nothing is forced on you. Kelley gives you doors of opportunity and it’s up to you to take advantage of them.”