“Relevant” is one of the first words Matthew Peters uses to describe his Kelley graduate accounting degree. For someone who earned it more than a decade ago, that’s saying something. 

Peters, who concurrently earned a Kelley MBA, was one of the first students in Kelley Indianapolis’ graduate accounting program, and he confirms the majority of his graduate coursework remains relevant and applicable to what he does today.

Specializing in tax, Peters has worked for Cummins for the past seven years—today, as the director of international tax. Integral in assembling the engine manufacturer’s international tax department, Peters provides foreign tax credit analysis, tax planning services and supervises four employees working outside the United States. He frequently travels to China, India, Mexico and Brazil as part of his responsibilities with Cummins.

“I believe a graduate accounting degree really opens doors career-wise,” said Peters, who hears regularly from recruiters looking to fill jobs. “Opportunities are always present across the country, and companies are seeking people with advanced degrees to fill management-level positions.”