Take the lead.

What is management? 

Coaches and collaborators, diplomats and directors, teachers and taskmasters—today’s managers motivate, develop, and move people and projects up the ladder of business success. 

At Kelley Indianapolis, you’ll learn what it means to manage efficiently and effectively across industries as you tackle real challenges from real companies that are looking for fresh ways to motivate employees, build teams, shape corporate cultures, allocate people and resources, and create strategies to improve operations and achieve business goals.

What are your career possibilities?

A degree in management gives you a lot of flexibility—and skills you learn can be transferred from one industry to the next. 

You could find yourself carving a career in project management or organization planning and design. You could travel the path of corporate management training or consulting. Your path into management may cross with human resource allocation, supply chain management, finance, or marketing. Or you may go entrepreneurial and find yourself managing a startup—maybe even your own.

In short, a bachelor’s degree in business management allows you to build a strong foundation before you enter the workforce. Management majors may find work in any career that benefits from understanding how to work with and motivate others.

What is the job outlook for management majors?

Management degrees are in demand, ranking at number six in the top 10 most sought after majors at the bachelor’s level by the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ 2012 Job Outlook. And demand will continue to grow as organizations seek ways to improve efficiency and control costs.

Project managers, however, and especially those with strong technical skills—for example computer and information systems managers—will see strong employment growth because of the constant developments in information technology and the growth of e-commerce. 

How do you get there?

You don’t have to born with “it” to successfully manage a team. 

Meet the Kelley management faculty.A degree in management from Kelley Indianapolis will help you develop skills in employee motivation, teambuilding, organizational design and change, negotiation strategies and tactics, and personnel planning. 

And the experience you gain along the way through year-round internships with Indianapolis companies, leadership opportunities in student organizations, and course projects with real companies will give you insight into what it truly means to be manager and a leader.

Meet the Kelley management faculty.

Kelley faculty not only teach how to manage in the twenty-first century, they define it. Their research helps shape the best practices in management today.