Dave Hormuth

One of the challenges that we face as physicians is how we should interact with our business colleagues in managing the costs that patients incur with their health care. As physicians, we are passionate about the care that we want to give our patients. But we don’t always understand how decisions are made in the business world. Being able to blend these two aspects of health care is important to me.

I have a passion for helping people when they are at the most vulnerable times of their lives, when they are ill. That’s where my compassion and drive comes from to be a surgeon. As a physician, I want to comfort them and to let them know that I have the ability and the confidence to do the operation or to care for them in the ways they want to be cared for.

When you have a patient who’s at the most vulnerable point of their life, whether they’ve been seriously injured or they’re in the process of dying or they have a major medical illness that needs direct attention, and you turn it around, that’s success.