Matt Boston

We are all similar in that regard. We aspire to achieve—to that end, we have sought out one of the most reputable business schools in order to advance our careers.

In business school and in the business world—when you are surrounded by the “best of the best,” the competition can be fierce. When everyone is exemplary, you may wonder how to set yourself apart. That’s when it’s critical to know your personal brand—to know what your strengths are, what you contribute, what your leadership style is, and most importantly, how you interact with your peers.

People tend to shy away from challenges that place them outside of their comfort zones; but it’s important to forge ahead in those situations—to experiment—to put your abilities to the test. Learning about and polishing your strengths will give you the confidence and credibility to lead others— particularly when the results really matter. These intangible skills are what will take you to the next level.