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Kelley's award-winning faculty inspire and motivate future business leaders.

Our faculty members bring a deep passion for sharing their knowledge with students and inspiring the next generation of business leaders. They possess a keen business acumen, offering a fresh approach and sharp perspective on contemporary issues. Our students benefit from the practical experience that our professors have gained in their careers and can see the real-world applications in their lessons.

Kelley faculty are also prolific producers of business research, offering new knowledge in all areas of business.

Marketing Research

Kelley marketing professor Krista Li talks about her research on product design and marketing.

Featured Faculty

Veronika Krepely Pool

Department of Finance

Pool’s research interests focus on how personal biases, social interactions and incentives drive the decisions of financial intermediaries—think hedge fund and mutual fund managers, brokers and financial advisors. It’s a hot topic that, she says, “not only has direct welfare implications for investors, but that also determines how efficiently resources are allocated in the economy.” Her recent study on 401(k) providers was also featured in the Wall Street Journal in July 2016.

The Journal of Finance:

"It Pays to Set the Menu: Mutual Fund Investment Options in 401(k) Plans"

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Lopo Rego

Department of Marketing

The main goals of Rego’s research are to identify generalizable patterns regarding how marketing strategies and actions explain differences in firm performance, and to understand the boundary conditions for these observed patterns. “My research interests lie at the intersection of marketing and finance. How do marketing actions impact a firm’s financial performance and how can firms leverage specific marketing capabilities into superior firm performance?"

Journal of Marketing:

"Marketing Department Power and Firm Performance"

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IoT Energy Efficiency Lab

IU Kelley School of Business Assistant Professor of Operations Management Amrou Awaysheh works with manufacturing facilities to save millions in energy costs. Read the story.