Student Life

Enrich your leadership skills by getting involved.

When you enroll in the Kelley School of Business Evening MBA Program, you don’t simply sign up for classes—you become a Kelley. You join a passionate, diverse cohort of professionals like yourself, all dedicated to becoming leaders. In the 24 months you spend together, you and your peers will work closely as a team, challenging each other to try harder and go further. From your classmates to the Kelley faculty and alumni mentors, you have many opportunities to shape your MBA experience.

The Kelley MBA Experience


A weeklong orientation with hands-on learning experiences kicks off the start of your program and introduces you to your class cohort.

Capstone Course

Synthesize the skills you learn throughout the Evening MBA by solving an executive-level business challenge for a real company.

Special Events

Get involved in student organizations, special events, networking opportunities and alumni mentoring to round out your MBA education.

In the Evening MBA Program, you’re immersed in this really cool climate, where you can figure out how things work in the business world.

Megan Lees, MBA’18