Graduate Certificate in Internal Auditing Courses

Expand your career opportunities through Internal Auditing.

Earn a Graduate Certificate in Internal Auditing focusing in operational systems, and apply this credential to a variety of organizational settings. This certificate offers 12 credit hours that can be applied toward an MSA or MST degree.

This graduate certificate was created with the support of the national Institute of Internal Auditors, which provides the program with guest speakers and topical case studies.


  • BUPA-A 575 Internal Audit (FA, SP, SU) — required first course
  • BUPA-A 572 Fraud and Forensic Accounting (SU)
  • BUPA-A 560 IT Audit (FA, SP)
  • BUPA-A 529 Internship (typically SP or SU)
  • BUPA-A 579 Case Studies in Internal Audit
  • BUPA-A 500 Professional and Ethical Responsibilities in Accounting (FA, SP)
  • Other courses upon approval by the GAP faculty chair


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