Physician MBA

Family medicine physician finds wider perspective and reignites passion for medicine in new role

Sometimes looking at the big picture can help you discover the problem in the details.

As a medical director at CareAllies in Houston, Funke Agbasi, MD, MBA’18, has the opportunity to impact more patients than the one sitting in front of her in an exam room.

Dr. Agbasi’s motto is to do what she can with the resources she has to make her life count. In fact, it was the tragic personal loss of her husband and the love for her son, Daniel, that inspired her to not wait a second longer to pursue an MBA. Now that she has gained the business perspective, she feels she can amplify her voice and her impact.

“I realized I can only do so much alone, but when I’m in a position to support others with those same tools, I can really leverage my skills and amplify my work,” she says. “My outcome becomes so much greater because it’s achieved through other people. As I transitioned into this role, what I learned at Kelley is helping me get buy-in for my ideas.”

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