Kelley Heroes

Read how MBA lessons help physician leaders make decisions during COVID-19.

Scott Smith, MD, MBA’20

Emergency Medicine Physician | CEO and Medical Director, Adams Health Network

Dr. Scott Smith didn’t expect his small, rural hospital to be one of the first in Indiana admitting a COVID-19 patient. But when he got the early morning call, he put his MBA training into action immediately to connect with his network, communicate effectively and lead during change.

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Sara Jo Grethlein, MD, MBA’20

Oncologist, Hematologist | Medical Director for Cancer Services, IU Health’s Adult Academic Health Center and Joe & Shelly Schwarz Cancer Center

As an oncologist, hematologist and medical director for cancer services, Sara Jo Grethlein, MD, MBA’20, is leading her team through the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure immunocompromised patients and all within the organization are safe.

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