Christopher O.L.H. Porter

Professor of Management
Adjunct Professor of Psychology
OneAmerica Foundation Endowed Chair

Christopher O.L.H. Porter has always been fascinated with team issues—how to compose the right type of team and what teams and their leaders do to make them effective.

“Part of the reason organizational practitioners continue to put people in teams is because there’s an assumption that if you put people together in teams, they’re going to be more effective than they would be working alone,” says Porter. “My research investigates under what circumstances teams are effective and the conditions under which they are less effective.”

Porter has researched team dynamics within hospital emergency rooms. Observing medical teams as they treat patients, Porter sees medical professional teams with specialized expertise making urgent decisions and leading teams under extreme pressure.

I look at this class as an opportunity to really allow students to develop their thinking about leadership. It tends to be a topic people don't think a lot about; they just try to lead. I also see it as an opportunity for students to gain insight into themselves.