Timothy Baldwin

Professor Management and Entrepreneurship
Randall L. Tobias Chair in Leadership
Chairperson, Department of Management and Entrepreneurship

You win with people. In fact, Timothy Baldwin believes people are the true differentiator for any organization’s success.

“To put it simply, it’s always about the people. We spend a lot of time in business school on process and on business-related issues, but the real difference maker is the people,” says Baldwin, whose professional interests include organizational change, leadership education and development, and managerial skill assessment.

Now in his 33rd year at Indiana University, Baldwin is the Randall L. Tobias Distinguished Professor of Business Leadership and chair of the Department of Management and Entrepreneurship at the Kelley School of Business. He specializes in leadership development and organizational change, a topic on which he has published numerous journal articles and two books, including Developing Managing Skills: What Great Managers Know and Do (McGraw-Hill: 2012) and Organizational Behavior: Real Solutions to Real Challenges (McGraw Hill: 2020).

It’s not just theory and principles, and it won’t be ethereal. The course focuses on hands-on execution. We’re looking at real cases in real situations, and my students have to make decisions. They have to consider: How do you make change in the context you’re in? Not just the theory of organizational change; we’re practicing doing it.