Real Estate Co-Major

Real Estate as a Co-Major

Real estate intersects with most areas of business. You may decide to work for a real estate development company or investor or in one of the many business roles in real estate, such as brokerage, appraising, property management, debt placement, private equity, property tax or corporate real estate.

Whether you’re an accountant for a property management group or a supply chain professional influencing the design of real estate, this co-major can add value to your future career prospects. There are many real estate companies located in Indiana, and they are seeking graduates with real estate credentials who are committed to living and working here. By pairing the real estate co-major with your business degree, you gain several advantages in the job market, including:

  • An ability to analyze the physical, legal, locational and financial aspects of real estate and their impact on value and marketability.
  • Experience with highest and best use development analysis, valuation analysis and investment analysis for real estate.
  • A portfolio of real-life, case-based presentations from the Commercial Real Estate Workshop.
  • Connections and interactions with real estate professionals.

Additional educational activities are provided by the Center for Real Estate Studies. Real estate is only offered as a second major and must be combined with another major offered by the Kelley School of Business.

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How to make Real Estate a second major.

The co-major can be paired with any of the six Kelley business majors we offer. First, choose your major and follow the degree path for your Bachelor of Science in Business. After choosing your major, you can decide to add the Real Estate Co-Major consisting of 15 credit hours. This typically happens around your junior year but can be declared before then. Your advisor will be able to help you with the details and course requirements.

The Real Estate co-major is amazing in many ways. The curriculum transfers directly into the workplace and puts you several steps ahead of others, which gives a smooth transition from being a student to being a professional in the industry. The network that is available to students sets them up for success.

Nick Harris, Inaugural Class of the Real Estate Co-Major, 2021