Reinventing career services: The Headquarters of Urban Business

What if students could be educated and trained specifically for the jobs your company has available?

The Indiana University Kelley School of Business at IUPUI is reinventing career services. By working with Indiana businesses to create a talent pipeline, we are helping to bridge the gap between your open jobs and the pool of qualified candidates. Through the Headquarters of Urban Business, or HUB, the Kelley School is partnering with local companies and community organizations like yours to raise your brand awareness among students and customize a talent pipeline to fill your available jobs now and in the future. Funds raised through HUB partnerships will prepare our graduates to step directly into the workforce with skill sets and an education tailor-made for the job opportunities you have available.

The Challenge

In order to meet demand from Indiana companies, the number of first-generation college students who graduate with a Kelley School degree must significantly increase without compromising high academic standards.

The Value of a Kelley Talent Pipeline

When you partner with the Kelley HUB, we work together to create a talent pipeline for your company. This pipeline engages students from high school through graduate school and offers a variety of specific programs to nurture your company’s recruitment efforts. We work with you to:

  • Raise awareness among students about your company, industry and job opportunities.
  • Build your brand to increase your company’s name recognition on campus and improve recruitment.
  • Identify candidates early by gaining access to top talent and embedding them within your organization.
  • Develop new talent by engaging and training new employees prior to graduation.
  • Solidify your pipeline by finalizing your hiring early and avoiding the just-in-time rush.

Small Companies

As a small business, you face unique challenges identifying and engaging top talent from universities. These may include smaller HR divisions, lack of brand awareness among candidates or inconsistent or rushed hiring processes. Find out how the Kelley HUB customizes plans to meet your company’s specific needs.

How we help small companies

Medium Companies

Mid-market companies may struggle to recruit top talent as you compete with larger corporations. Building the type of relationship with universities and recruiting firms that raises brand awareness among potential talent can be difficult, and the lack of a talent pipeline leads to just-in-time hiring. The Kelley HUB has specific programs to target the needs of medium-sized companies.

How we help medium companies

Large Companies

As a large corporation, you are competing with other big businesses for the same pool of qualified candidates. The lack of a consistent talent pipeline leads to increased hiring costs and poor retention rates. Using our innovative solutions for large corporations, we partner with you to build your talent pipeline early and increase your acceptance rates.

How we help large companies

The HUB is a single point of access for companies to connect with Kelley’s career services to solve long-term talent shortages and tackle existing industry business challenges.

Having business students implement projects that the company otherwise wouldn’t have had time or resources to complete adds value to the business and develops students as they prepare to enter the job market.

Rolls Royce Representative

Let’s talk talent.

We want to discuss the opportunity to partner with you in the new HUB career services model. Please contact us to learn more about how we can get started.

Robert Smith

Associate Director of Employer Services, Kelley Indianapolis Career Services