The Indiana University Kelley School of Business at IUPUI is reinventing career services. By creating a talent pipeline, we are helping to bridge the gap between open jobs and the pool of qualified candidates. Through the Headquarters of Urban Business, or HUB, the Kelley School is partnering with local companies and community organizations like yourself to customize a talent pipeline to fill available jobs. Funds raised through HUB partnerships will prepare our graduates to step directly into the workforce with skill sets and an education tailor-made for the job opportunities you have available.

Our Challenge

The number of first-generation college students who graduate with a Kelley School degree must significantly increase without compromising high academic standards.

An Innovative Solution to the Jobs Problem

The Problem

There aren’t enough qualified candidates to fill available jobs in Indiana. Over the next decade, the rate of high-school graduates will fall 9% in Indianapolis while the demand for bachelor-degreed workers will rise 8%.

The Solution

The HUB at Kelley creates a talent pipeline to prepare students—as early as high school—using customized curriculum and training targeted for jobs they can fill immediately upon graduation.

The Role for Businesses

As a HUB partner, local businesses gain access to this talent pipeline through strategic touchpoints, targeted programming, and experiential learning projects. We will customize a plan to fit your company’s needs, with options like internships, job shadowing, projects, consulting teams, full-time positions, research opportunities and high school partnerships. This pipeline provides a future workforce while reducing your recruiting and training costs.

The HUB is a single point of access for companies to connect with Kelley’s career services to solve long-term talent shortages and tackle existing industry business challenges.

We will work with you to customize a student consulting project to fit your needs, which may follow these steps:

  1. The HUB matches a local partner with student teams advised by a faculty member, enabling students to solve problems more complex than those typically addressed in an internship.
  2. Like an internship, students are paid for their work, but they resolve a specific challenge within a well-defined timeframe not constrained by the academic calendar.
  3. Projects allow companies to watch the development of individual students before considering candidates for permanent job offers or company internships.

Having business students implement projects that the company otherwise wouldn’t have had time or resources to complete adds value to the business and develops students as they prepare to enter the job market.

Rolls Royce Representative

Let’s talk talent.

We want to discuss the opportunity to partner with you in the new HUB career services model. Please contact us to learn more about how we can get started.

Josh Killey

Director, Kelley Indianapolis Career Services