30 Minute Career: Designing Your Résumé in Microsoft Word

What is an "F pattern" résumé? How do you make your résumé stand out? Join a Kelley Career Coach for this 30 Minute Career series video to learn how to design your résumé using Microsoft Word.

30 Minute Career: How to Find Micro-Internships

Join a Kelley Career Coach and Kelley Career Peer Luke Kieper for this episode of 30 Minute Career to learn what a micro-internship is, how to get one and how it can prepare you for the job of your dreams.

30 Minute Career: Navigating the Accounting Recruitment Cycle

Kelley Career Peer, Luke Kieper, and a Kelley Career Coach share information about the accounting recruiting cycle, what it's like to meet with a recruiter and what kinds of companies you may encounter.

Succeeding in an Uncertain Market: Advice from the Class of 2008-2010

Join us as Kelley Alumni from the class of 2008-2010 share their advice on job searching in an uncertain market. Come ready to hear tips and tricks on the tactics that led them to employment. Alumni panelists include: Erik Compton MBA'10, Current Role: Manager - Service Provider Relationships, Angie's List; Melissa Kunkle, Accounting/Finance/Marketing & MSA'08, Current Role: EY Assurance Manager; Jamie Jansen, Marketing'08, Current Role: Marketing Operations/Program Manager, OneAmerica

Job Searching in Challenging Times: Advice from Kelley Employer Partners

Find out what makes the difference when job searching in a challenging market. Kelley employer partners will share their advice and search tactics that make candidates stand out.

Using LinkedIn to Your Advantage

Learn how to utilize LinkedIn during social distancing and in a job search.