I-Core Partnership

I-Core consists of junior-level, undergraduate students studying marketing, finance, operations and supply chain management, and team dynamics and leadership in a block unit. Central to I-Core on the IUPUI campus is a cross-functional, semester-long project in which student teams integrate these disciplines. We invite central Indiana businesses to partner with our student teams to explore new product opportunities. In this partnership, the students will bring fresh perspectives and creative minds, guided by the Kelley IUPUI faculty. The students will benefit from the business partner’s insights and experiences in actual decision-making situations. Each student group works with a business (usually local) to develop a business plan to introduce a new product or service that will meet the needs of their target market while still achieving the objectives of the company and adhering to their policies and values. This includes an analysis of the business, of the target market, customer and business requirements, financial requirements and a final recommendation if the idea should be pursued.

We’ve never explored other applications for the product before, and we realized these student teams could give us insight we may not have considered.Christy Walchle, Vice President at Word Systems, Inc.
I would recommend the I-Core experience to any company. Being involved with Kelley students at IUPUI helps all of us in the business community—to make sure we’re growing and cultivating the next generation. We have to find the time to reach out to them.Chris Gray, Founder and CEO of Track Ahead
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Not only do students learn how to apply classroom theories and skills to a real business situation, but they also learn to work in groups in a way that mirrors actual business and life situations. In a business setting, co-workers at the same level cannot "fire" other workers who do not get along or complete quality work. The individual needs to learn how to deal with the situation to achieve stated objectives. The ability to take responsibility for their own work, as well as turn a negative situation into a productive one, is the mark of a true leader. To do this effectively, students learn leadership theories, motivational techniques and conflict resolution. In addition, students spend a significant amount of time focused on intercultural communications, so they learn to work with others from different backgrounds and those who learn, process, communicate and work in different ways.

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