A program that evolves to fit current physician needs.

The Kelley Business of Medicine Physician MBA Program is unlike any other traditional or executive MBA program because it’s designed exclusively for physicians. Our healthcare-specific courses teach you how the industry operates now, how it should operate in the future and how you can play a role in shaping this evolution.

Expert Kelley professors deliver the most relevant healthcare material available, which is constantly updated based on industry trends and feedback from our diverse cohorts of physicians and alumni. First, you’ll learn theory, and next, we show you how to apply these lessons to improve your daily work and your organization as a whole.

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Before I came to the program, I felt frustrated and powerless to effect change. But now that I better understand how to navigate the system and speak the same language as administrators, my opportunities to be more effective in my healthcare system have grown tremendously.

Christopher Day, MD, MBA’16 | Radiologist and CFO of Radiology Associates of Southern Indiana

Focus on the Physician

All aspects of this program were created with the physician in mind. Our flexible delivery model is based on the typical physician learning style that increases long-term retention of knowledge. Our curriculum translates best business practices into healthcare application, equipping you with the critical principles you will need to direct the future of healthcare. Your education is constantly reinforced in a variety of experiential learning opportunities, including:

  • Collaborative learning in physician cohort teams of five that change every six months
  • Peer learning alongside other physicians from various backgrounds
  • Organizational projects to drive change
  • Consulting projects to test theory in a safe space
  • Lean Six Sigma projects to achieve process-improvement
  • Class discussions to reveal a variety of physician perspectives
  • Field trips to local organizations to demonstrate various business theories in practice

Year One

You’ll begin the program by learning core Kelley MBA curriculum, building a foundation of business knowledge and skills. Using examples from other industries—such as finance, marketing, leadership, strategy and operations—the core courses will provide a platform for translating proven business concepts into game-changing healthcare practices. This includes gaining an understanding of the link between healthcare decisions and financial outcomes. Or how to use strategic analysis to evaluate and change organizational capabilities; the same tools used by top management teams of today's leading organizations.

Year Two

In your second year in the program, you’ll apply this business foundation to the healthcare industry through courses specifically designed at the intersection of business and medicine—courses you will not find in any other MBA program. From specialized courses on healthcare delivery models, Lean Six Sigma and understanding consumer healthcare, to traveling to Washington, D.C. to better understand healthcare policy or experiencing global healthcare settings firsthand in India or Germany, these courses will introduce you to new approaches, tools and ways of thinking that you can incorporate into your organization immediately.

Leadership Coaching

Solidify your leadership training with hands-on coaching during the second year of your Physician MBA. This specialized course integrates everything you’ve learned to take your career to the next level. Develop a leadership plan, learn how to navigate the politics of your organization, get to know your own leadership style and work one-on-one with a coach to put your goals into motion.

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