CPA, CFO, or CEO: You can get there from here.

Accounting is about more than crunching numbers. It’s about using those numbers to tell the story and shape the future of a business.

Today’s accountants are more than “just” accountants.

They are tax advisors, financial planners, business strategists, and consultants. They work in public accounting firms, prestigious corporations, in government, and with nonprofits. And they carry titles all the way up the chain of command. In fact, the first step toward being a CFO is be a CPA. 

The Graduate Accounting programs at the Kelley School of Business Indianapolis prepare you to take that critical next step toward the rest of your career. Find out more about how our degree programs can advance your career.

Take the next step in your career.

Regardless of where you start—whether you have a degree in accounting or some other field, whether you come from Indiana, the Midwest, China, India, Africa, or any place from around the world—Kelley Indianapolis meets you where you are.

  • Develop, or enhance, the technical accounting skills the market demands.
  • Gain a competitive edge and keen insight beyond accounting with up to 15 credit hours of electives.
  • Build your experience with challenging internships among innovative firms, right here in Indianapolis.
  • Land a great job in Indiana or anywhere you want to live with expert career coaching, competitive career placement, and Kelley’s national network of alumni and job recruiters. 
  • Develop the business savvy to become a true leader in industry and government.