Kyle J. Anderson

Chairperson, Evening MBA Program
Clinical Assistant Professor of Business Economics

 As an economist, Kyle Anderson is well aware of the wide-ranging implications of healthcare spending and how developing an awareness and knowledge of business principles can improve it.

“Healthcare is currently 18 percent of GDP, and it’s going to increase a lot more than that—projected to grow up to 25 percent or more,” he says. “Do we really want to spend a fourth of our income just to cover healthcare? If there are ways to ensure quality outcomes and keep costs in check, that’s extremely valuable—not just to individuals, but to society as a whole.”

Having managed a physician practice, Anderson is acutely aware of the potential value of electronic medical records—both in the exam room and on a healthcare system’s bottom line.

With the availability and collection of electronic medical records, we're in the midst of a breakthrough in the healthcare area. While every person's issues are different, we can use data to make better diagnoses. We can aggregate that data and make better decisions.