Graduate Accounting Programs

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Master of Science in Accounting (MSA)

Whether you've worked as an accountant for several years or you're changing careers, the Kelley Indianapolis Graduate Accounting Programs will help you advance your career and unlock new opportunities.

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Master of Science in Taxation (MST)

The Master of Science in Taxation (MST) is a 30 credit hour program that will prepare you to be a tax specialist and business strategist, whether your field is accounting, law, business or financial planning.

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Graduate Certificates

Stand out among the crowd with a graduate certificate in accounting, taxation or internal audit. Begin these graduate certificates during or after your undergraduate studies to gain specialized training and advance your career.

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Pursuing a Kelley Graduate Accounting Degree at IUPUI

Hard-working, ambitious students like you can earn a master’s degree in accounting or tax in Indianapolis from the renowned Kelley School of Business. The MSA and MST can do two things for you right away. One, provide knowledge for the CPA exam that’s not taught in undergraduate accounting programs. And two, help you focus on your career—not just your first job.

Watch this video to learn how a Kelley MSA or MST can make a real difference for you—including career advancement, higher earnings and greater job satisfaction over your lifetime.

A Return on Your Investment

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International Students

A substantial number of international students choose the Graduate Accounting Programs at Kelley Indianapolis for the challenging curriculum and welcoming location. Learn why they’ve enjoyed their experiences and how you can apply.

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Would your career benefit from becoming a Certified Public Accountant? Or maybe you’re a CPA who needs CPE credits. Kelley Indianapolis provides the curriculum and guidance you need no matter where you are in your professional career.

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Competitive Tuition

The Kelley Indianapolis Graduate Accounting Programs offer the lowest tuition per credit hour in Indiana for a graduate accounting program. All of this is available at the Kelley School of Business, a top-ranked business school.

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Graduate accounting student Tingna Xu stands in front of memorabilia hanging on a wall at CMG Worldwide, where she interned.

Graduate accounting student lands unique internship

Indianapolis is home to the headquarters of a number of worldwide companies, providing incomparable internship experience for students.


Why companies who invest in this practice are successful

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Why it pays to be an accounting major

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