Business Foundations Certificate

Boost your career opportunities and competitive position.

The Business Foundations Certificate offers fast-paced, application-oriented instruction in fundamental business knowledge. A concentrated 21-hour program covers the foundations of business knowledge and is specially designed for students with work and family commitments.

Flexible Opportunities

The format is easily adaptable to meet your needs. You options include completing the course work entirely through online and distance formats, allowing you to learn while continuing your careers. At the same time, you’ll have access to all that Kelley offers its students, including complete academic, advising, and technical support.


Our curriculum is concentrated and relevant for any student who wishes to gain a basic understanding of the core disciplines of business.

  • Convenient, 100 percent TV/online learning environment
  • Recognized excellence in instruction by business professionals 
  • Direct access through Oncourse™ grading, communication, coursework, and class forum

Part One: Business Foundations Core (Required)

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Course # Course Name Credit Hours
A186 Accounting & the Business Environment
W200   Introduction to Business & Management
M200 Marketing and Society 
Z200 Introduction to Human Resource Practices
F200  Foundations of Financial Management
P200  Foundations of Operations & Supply Chain Management
   Business Foundations Core: 18

Part Two: Foundations Electives

(Choose any one)

Course # Course Name Credit Hours
Distance Learning Experiences
L100 Personal Law
F260  Personal Finance
E101 Survey of Economic Issues and Problems
Classroom Experiences
F200 Foundations of Financial Management 
K201 Computer in Business 
X204 Business Communications 3
M226 Personal Selling Techniques 3
   Foundations Electives: 3
Total Hours - Business Foundation Certificate: 21

Important Notes and Highlights

  • There are no prerequisities for any of the core courses.
  • All courses shown above, with the exception of those denoted "Classroom Experiences," are available in distance learning (online) formats.
  • Students can view course lectures over cable TV, streaming broadband, or as a set of DVDs for purchase.
  • Please note that at least three of the above courses may require one or more visits to the IUPUI campus. Please see the course syllabus for more details.
  • The courses listed above may not be used to satisfy the business minor. Ask a Kelley School of Business advisor for more details.
  • Courses shown above (with the exception of K201, M226, and X204) cannot be used to satisfy admission requirements to the Kelley School of Business.

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Judith Wright

Judith Wright

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Deborah Moore

Deborah K. Moore

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Indianapolis, IN 46202
Tel: 317-274-2147 

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