Transfer Students

Transferring to Kelley

We are honored to welcome you to our school. Check out the step-by-step process below to successfully submit your application to Kelley Indianapolis. If you're a student transferring from Ivy Tech, be sure to read the Community College Transfer Students section.

Transfer Students

All students transferring to Kelley Indianapolis from another school should follow these steps:

Transfer students must complete the IUPUI application through the IUPUI Office of Admissions, which approves all credit transfers for incoming students. Each circumstance is examined independently.

Since you'll be coming from a different campus, it's necessary to attend transfer orientation. The orientation will help you get acquainted with the campus and tie up all the loose ends of starting a new school. It's important to meet with your advisor prior to orientation to plan your path to Kelley.

If you've completed the steps above, you'll next want to review the application to the Kelley School of Business Indianapolis. Take the following into consideration:

  1. Review all parts of the application before beginning.
  2. Complete all sections of this application. You may enter "not applicable" (N/A) where appropriate.
  3. Submit an essay. Details are provided on the Kelley application.
  4. Incomplete applications are not accepted.
  5. Review your information and print a copy of your completed application before submitting it.
  6. Click "Submit Application" at the end of the form.

First, submit your application. Next you'll see a confirmation in your browser window. If you provided an IUPUI email address, you'll receive an email message that summarizes the information you submitted on the application. Print and keep this email message for your records.

If you receive an error message, locate and complete all missing information and then resubmit your application.

Community College Transfer Students

Because Kelley is part of the Transfer Single Articulation Pathway (TSAP), transferring to our Indianapolis school can be a smooth process. If you have an Associate of Science in Business Administration degree from Ivy Tech or Vincennes, and you meet the IUPUI and Kelley admission criteria, you may enter the business school with junior standing and be well on your way to your Bachelor of Science in Business. Your first step is to make sure you qualify for admission to IUPUI as a transfer student.

Ivy Tech Passport Agreement

If you've taken classes at Ivy Tech, but haven't received an associate degree in business administration, you can still transfer to Kelley Indianapolis. Your course work may transfer to IUPUI and the Kelley School through the Passport Agreement.

Application Deadlines: For fall admission, apply to IUPUI by May 1. For spring admission, apply to IUPUI by November 1.

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