Venture Creation Certificate

Requirements and Qualifications

To qualify for the certificate, you must be an admitted or current student at IUPUI.

You must also:

  • Complete nine credit hours of core certificate courses on the IUPUI campus.
  • Have a minimum grade point average of 2.0.
  • Complete prerequisites for some courses.

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The certificate requires 15 undergraduate credit hours divided between a nine-credit hour core and six credit hours of electives. The core is composed of the following trio of courses, which build upon each other to take you from the initial entrepreneurial idea through launch of a venture.

The courses should be taken in order with W240 as a prerequisite to W250 and both W240 and W250 as prerequisites to W360.

Course #Course NameCredit Hours

Venture Ideation

  • Develop an understanding of the entrepreneurial mindset and the challenges and rewards that entrepreneurs face.
  • Generate multiple venture ideas, either in the context of an existing corporation or organization or for independent ventures.
  • Collaborate with fellow students to complete a feasibility analysis on a new venture using both qualitative and quantitative techniques and present the results to others.

Venture Validation

  • Perform intensive customer research, including interviews, surveys and data evaluation to understand and identify market needs.
  • Communicate the key value drivers of a new venture idea and business model framework to a variety of potential stakeholders, including customers and users.
  • Demonstrate the operational and financial feasibility of a venture and develop a high-level financial model for the concept.
  • Understand the competitive landscape of a new venture idea and how it affects the overall new venture model.

Venture Creation

  • Communicate the essence of the business and elaborate on its success through an executive summary, business canvas and pitch or presentation
  • Demonstrate the operational and financial feasibility of the venture and develop a high-level financial model for the enterprise.
  • Design and complete a validation plan that moves the venture from idea to minimally viable product and proof of concept
Business Foundations Core:9



Choose two Kelley School of Business courses from the following list of electives to complete the remaining six credit hours required for the certificate. The electives deliberately allow future inclusion of disciplinary-specific and industry-specific courses offered by other schools on the IUPUI campus.

Course #Course NameCredit Hours
W430Organizations and Organizational Design
Z302Managing and Behavior in Organizations
Z443Developing Employee Skills
M303Marketing Research
M426Sales Management3
M432Digital Marketing3
F305Intermediate Corporate Finance3
F402Corporate Financial Strategy and Governance3
P330Project Management3
P421Supply Chain Management3
P320Supply Chain Management: Sourcing3
P431Supply Chain Management: Logistics and Distribution3
Total Hours - Venture Creation Certificate:15

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