Kelley Ambassadors

Mentoring Component

For this component, every ambassador will be paired with direct admit, freshmen Kelley Indianapolis students or Pre-Business, freshmen students for the entirety of the academic year. After pairing, it is encouraged every match meets monthly, as well as for every mentor to keep in regular contact with their mentees.

All volunteer mentors are encouraged to support their mentee academically, socially and professionally in order to enhance the student's Kelley experience.

Workshop Component

Create information sessions geared to help students succeed within Kelley Indianapolis. Potential topics include: professionalism, applying to Kelley, finding job/internship opportunities, study abroad and student organizations to inform students about what Kelley Indianapolis can do for them.

Responsibilities and Expectations

  • Be the face of the Kelley School of Business Indianapolis at various events
  • Mentor direct-admit Kelley and Pre-Business freshmen students
  • Enhance student experience and build community
  • Share your passion for Kelley with others
  • Improve your communication and leadership skills
  • Résumé building
  • Opportunity to meet and network with Kelley alumni
  • Partake in workshops that can help positively influence Kelley and future Kelley students

Prospective Students

Interested students must meet the following requirements to apply:

  • Currently be a student in the Kelley School of Business Indianapolis undergraduate program
  • Have completed one full semester (12 credits) at IUPUI
  • Be in good academic and conduct standing with Kelley and IUPUI
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0

For any questions, please contact JaMon Paschall:

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